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Born of Blood and Thorns by Riley Hunt.png

Born of Blood and Thorns

A Beauty and the Beast Retelling

By Riley Hunt

Break the curse, save a kingdom...

Blamed for her shattered kingdom, half-vampire Isabella just got a dire ultimatum from her vampire prince's father. Unwilling to embrace eternal darkness as a vampire, Isabella flees, pursued by Gideon, the merciless alpha wolf who wants to claim her as his own.

Isabella chooses neither.

She flees into the dangerous forbidden woods, pursued by Gideon and his pack. Fate leads her straight into the claws of the red dragon, Lore—her enemy and her salvation.
Despite her initial disdain, Isabella finds herself drawn to Lore, unraveling the mysteries surrounding him. In a risky alliance, she agrees to help him free his kingdom, only to discover the chilling truth: curses serve a purpose.
Trapped in an ancient curse, Lore watches as his humanity slowly fades. By night, he prowls the skies in his beastly form, burdened by the unbreakable curse that plagues his once glorious realm.
They are drawn to one another. In a risky alliance, they decide to free his kingdom, only to discover the chilling truth. The price they'll have to pay is higher than they imagined.
It might cost them everything.

Born of Blood and Thorns is one of ten books in the Enemies Ever After series, a collection of standalone short novels featuring enemies-to-lovers fairy tale retellings with a touch of steam.

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