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Bound by Wishes and Ruin by B. Luna Covello.png

Bound by Wishes and Ruin

An Aladdin Retelling

By B. Luna Covello

A daughter of the desert.

An enslaved genie.

Three hearts at stake.

In the impoverished Marasynth desert, Nahlah weaves enchanted tales as a gifted storyteller. Yet behind her captivating façade lies a secret life as a skilled thief, driven by the necessity to sustain her people in the face of a tyrannical ruler. When the Sultan's avarice fixates on the fabled Heart of Eternity, Nahlah is forced into a dangerous bargain, setting in motion the unraveling of her true destiny.

Rami, a genie bound to the Sultans of Nephria, has endured a life of enslavement for generations. Compelled to commit unspeakable acts on their behalf, he has long since forsaken hope of freedom. When his current master thrusts him into the role of an unwilling companion on a quest to retrieve a coveted artifact of legends, his existence is shaken to its very core as he grapples with long-forgotten emotions.

Amidst the desert sands and under starlit skies, Nahlah and Rami journey to secure the Heart, navigating treacherous paths fraught with danger at every turn. With sinister forces closing in and the consequences of failure unimaginable, their courage, resolve, and blossoming forbidden love are pushed to the limit as they confront daunting trials that will shape the course of their lives and determine the fate of the world. 

Bound by Wishes and Ruin one of ten books in the Enemies Ever After series, a collection of standalone short novels featuring enemies-to-lovers fairy tale retellings with a touch of steam.

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