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Darkness and Ruin includes two full length novels, back-to-back: Cursed by Seas and Darkness: A Little Mermaid Retelling by Sharlene Healy, and Bound by Wishes and Ruin: An Aladdin Retelling by B. Luna Covello. See all the features below.

  • The hardcover is reversible! When you reach the Happily-Ever-After conclusion of one book, simply flip the book over and start a whole new story from the other side.
  • End papers in full color, customized to each fairy tale
  • 2-page full color spreads at the start of each story
  • Customized illustrations for all the chapter headers
  • Reversible dust jackets with quotes and a foiled design on the reverse
  • Character art by mage on duty with foil frame on the hardback case
  • 3-side printed edges with sword and heart design


Cursed by Seas and Darkness


She's sworn to hate the only one who can save her.


If there's one thing I hate more than humans, it's human mages. It's just my luck that the ambassador's son, Kaga, is one of the worst—a water mage. When my mother, the mermaid queen, tasks me with showing him around the kingdom, I debate leaving him to the sharks, but a massive storm sweeps us both far from home.


Letting our animosity get in the way, we find ourselves trapped by a sea witch. Kaga selflessly sacrifices his voice to free us both, but getting home won't be so easy as we are pushed down to uncharted depths and through dangerous jungles. The more we're forced together, the more we realize that we don't hate each other as much as we thought. Maybe, just maybe it's the complete opposite.


But can I admit it before it's too late?


Bound by Wishes and Ruin


A daughter of the desert.
An enslaved genie.
Three hearts at stake.

In the impoverished Marasynth desert, Nahlah weaves enchanted tales as a gifted storyteller. Yet behind her captivating façade lies a secret life as a skilled thief, driven by the necessity to sustain her people in the face of a tyrannical ruler. When the Sultan's avarice fixates on the fabled Heart of Eternity, Nahlah is forced into a dangerous bargain, setting in motion the unraveling of her true destiny.

Rami, a genie bound to the Sultans of Nephria, has endured a life of enslavement for generations. Compelled to commit unspeakable acts on their behalf, he has long since forsaken hope of freedom. When his current master thrusts him into the role of an unwilling companion on a quest to retrieve a coveted artifact of legends, his existence is shaken to its very core as he grapples with long-forgotten emotions.

Amidst the desert sands and under starlit skies, Nahlah and Rami journey to secure the Heart, navigating treacherous paths fraught with danger at every turn. With sinister forces closing in and the consequences of failure unimaginable, their courage, resolve, and blossoming forbidden love are pushed to the limit as they confront daunting trials that will shape the course of their lives and determine the fate of the world.

In this spellbinding tale of adventure, sacrifice, and the indomitable spirit of hope, the echoes of destiny resonate through the sands of time, whispering of freedom's allure and the birth of legends.

Darkness and Ruin

  • Book + paper swag

    Comes with reversible hardcover, foiled Enemies Ever After bookmark, two collectible foiled art prints, and four vellum overlays (one of each couple + one of each MMC).

  • Book + paper swag + book box items

    Comes with reversible hardcover, foiled Enemies Ever After bookmark, two collectible foiled art prints, four vellum overlays (one of each couple + one of each MMC), plus Aladdin genie lamp charm, Little Mermaid necklace, and a customized metalmark for each story.

Please note that items will not arrive until July 2024.

When you check out, if your country isn't listed for shipping, please reach out to us so we can accommodate you!

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