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Fate and Glass includes two full length novels, back-to-back: Hidden by Fate and Masks: A Cinderella Retelling by Krysta Fox, and Carved in Ice and Glass: A Snow White Retelling by R.L. Perez. See all the features below.

  • The hardcover is reversible! When you reach the Happily-Ever-After conclusion of one book, simply flip the book over and start a whole new story from the other side.
  • End papers in full color, customized to each fairy tale
  • 2-page full color spreads at the start of each story
  • Customized illustrations for all the chapter headers
  • Reversible dust jackets with quotes and a foiled design on the reverse
  • Character art by mage on duty with foil frame on the hardback case
  • 3-side printed edges with sword and heart design


Hidden by Fate and Masks


A lost princess that's been missing for a decade.
A demon prince with a secret no one else knows.
A magical debt that must be repaid.

Nova has lived with her Gran as long as she can remember, learning the ways of magic from the wise woman. And the most important lesson is: Never Trust A Demon.

So when a charming demon arrives, Nova tries to send him away, but he holds a blood marker, a debt she's soul bound to repay. Vanir's request sounds simple enough. Attend a masquerade ball and help him free his family, held hostage by a wicked queen. Nova wants to hate this demon, but as they travel together, she learns there's more to him than she first believed. And even though she knows she shouldn't, Nova wants to help him.

But when she is presented to the Queen, the protective spell hiding her memories begins to unravel, and Nova's true identity is revealed, shattering everything she's ever known. Will Nova fight for the life that was taken from her? Or will she sacrifice everything to save the demon she's grown to love?


Carved in Ice and Glass


A princess in exile.
An assassin sent to kill her.
A twisted fae bargain binds them together.

Theron, a feared assassin, only has one year left in the service of his queen. His final assignment: eliminate the vagabond princess who threatens the stability of the Winter Court. But when he finds the princess, she traps him in a faerie bargain, binding him to her will. Theron is determined to break free of her control… but the closer he gets to the princess, the harder he falls for her.

Princess Eira, a half-fae half-human, is banished from her own kingdom because of her human bloodline. After living in exile, Eira now rules the secret band of rebels made up of seven human districts, all eager for change. When a handsome assassin crosses her path, she thinks she can outwit him. But can she escape his deadly allure without losing her heart?


Fate and Glass

  • Book + paper swag

    Comes with reversible hardcover, foiled Enemies Ever After bookmark, two collectible foiled art prints, and four vellum overlays (one of each couple + one of each MMC).

  • Book + paper swag + book box items

    Comes with reversible hardcover, foiled Enemies Ever After bookmark, two collectible foiled art prints, four vellum overlays (one of each couple + one of each MMC), plus Aladdin genie lamp charm, Little Mermaid necklace, and a customized metalmark for each story.

Please note that items will not arrive until July 2024.

When you check out, if your country isn't listed for shipping, please reach out to us so we can accommodate you!

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