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Songs and Hearts includes two full length novels, back-to-back: Kissed by Songs of Lilies: A Frog Prince Retelling by E. V. Everest, and Trapped by Clocks and Hearts: An Alice in Wonderland Retelling by S. L. Breaker. See all the features below.

  • The hardcover is reversible! When you reach the Happily-Ever-After conclusion of one book, simply flip the book over and start a whole new story from the other side.
  • End papers in full color, customized to each fairy tale
  • 2-page full color spreads at the start of each story
  • Customized illustrations for all the chapter headers
  • Reversible dust jackets with quotes and a foiled design on the reverse
  • Character art by mage on duty with foil frame on the hardback case
  • 3-side printed edges with sword and heart design


Kissed by Songs of Lilies


Never bargain with a frog.


There was a chill in the salt air the morning my sister was taken. All they left was a single golden shell in her bed. The fae had claimed another bride.


Now, careless on champagne, I've met one myself. By night, an intoxicating gentleman with piercing green eyes. By day, a slimy, conniving frog.


When I drop my precious golden shell, he offers to retrieve it... for a price. By his law, we are betrothed.


To break a bargain is to die, so I will cross the cursed waters with him and go to their hidden isle. But this won't be a one-way trip. It won't be so easy to claim the heart of this princess.


Trapped by Clocks and Hearts


He has her heart. But can he claim her love?

A notorious assassin for the Queen of Hearts, Rabb Silverhope has never had trouble making women fall for him so he could steal their hearts for the Queen to eat.

Until he captures Allie's.

But that's not her real name.

A blank slate, "Allie" doesn't remember who she is. She doesn't know how she arrived in the mystical Land of Wünder. She doesn't know how to return to her world. Except that she must.

Allie's blank heart is the special on the Queen's menu.

But curiouser still, it appears to hold the key to unlocking the secrets of Rabb's own veiled past.

Can Allie stay immune to Rabb's charms long enough to find her way home? Can Rabb resist her temptation or will he sacrifice her heart for his own?

Songs and Hearts

  • Book + paper swag

    Comes with reversible hardcover, foiled Enemies Ever After bookmark, two collectible foiled art prints, and four vellum overlays (one of each couple + one of each MMC).

  • Book + paper swag + book box items

    Comes with reversible hardcover, foiled Enemies Ever After bookmark, two collectible foiled art prints, four vellum overlays (one of each couple + one of each MMC), plus Aladdin genie lamp charm, Little Mermaid necklace, and a customized metalmark for each story.

Please note that items will not arrive until July 2024.

When you check out, if your country isn't listed for shipping, please reach out to us so we can accommodate you!

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