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Truth and Shadow includes two full length novels, back-to-back: Spelled by Truth and Tresses: A Rapunzel Retelling by Rebecca L. Garcia, and Hunted by Wolves and Shadow: A Red Riding Hood Retelling by Jo Holloway. See all the features below.

  • The hardcover is reversible! When you reach the Happily-Ever-After conclusion of one book, simply flip the book over and start a whole new story from the other side.
  • End papers in full color, customized to each fairy tale
  • 2-page full color spreads at the start of each story
  • Customized illustrations for all the chapter headers
  • Reversible dust jackets with quotes and a foiled design on the reverse
  • Character art by mage on duty with foil frame on the hardback case
  • 3-side printed edges with sword and heart design


Spelled by Truth and Tresses


A dark academia, Rapunzel retelling set in a world filled with witches, phantoms, and sirens.


Zellie must return to Ghost Rose Academy after spending the summer locked away after her father’s death—a tragedy shrouded in mystery.


She desires the freedom from her mother, but as the dark magic of her siren magic lures more people into obsession, and begins fracturing her mind, she fears her fate may be sealed in that of her father’s.


Dreaming of a phantom man and a tower, Zellie must figure out what forces are against her, even if it means allying with her natural enemy, a phantom.


Jax’s powers calls to Zellie, and the more time they spend together, the more dangerous their magic becomes.


Now she must try to not only free herself of her mother and those rallying against her, but the grasp of Jax too. Except, she may lose her heart in the process. 


Hunted by Wolves and Shadow


Once upon a time, the wolf fell in love with the witch . . .

Emi has visited Grandma’s cottage often before, but this time the Mist is thicker, the beasts are too close . . . And the handsome stranger who answers her frantic knock is definitely not her Grandma Ruby.

Wolf had one job: Kill the witch and end the curse plaguing his found family. Instead, now the forest feels more menacing than ever when a fiery redhead comes screaming out of the Mist.

Trapped together by the dangers outside the door, Emi and Wolf find unexpected chemistry sparking between them. But when explosive secrets come out, their bond shatters.

He’s a murderer and a monster.
She has the blood of a witch.

Neither trusts the other, but when Wolf realizes Emi could be the key to ending the curse, and Emi discovers her family kept their magic a secret, they’ll need to learn to trust their hearts if they hope to break free from the Mist. Because the forest, and every lost soul within, is running out of time...

Truth and Shadow

  • Book + paper swag

    Comes with reversible hardcover, foiled Enemies Ever After bookmark, two collectible foiled art prints, and four vellum overlays (one of each couple + one of each MMC).

  • Book + paper swag + book box items

    Comes with reversible hardcover, foiled Enemies Ever After bookmark, two collectible foiled art prints, four vellum overlays (one of each couple + one of each MMC), plus Aladdin genie lamp charm, Little Mermaid necklace, and a customized metalmark for each story.

Please note that items will not arrive until July 2024.

When you check out, if your country isn't listed for shipping, please reach out to us so we can accommodate you!

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