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Spelled by Truth and Tresses

A Rapunzel Retelling

By Rebecca L. Garcia

A dark academia, Rapunzel retelling set in a world filled with witches, phantoms, and sirens.

Zellie must return to Ghost Rose Academy after spending the summer locked away after her father’s death—a tragedy shrouded in mystery.

She desires the freedom from her mother, but as the dark magic of her siren magic lures more people into obsession, and begins fracturing her mind, she fears her fate may be sealed in that of her father’s.

Dreaming of a phantom man and a tower, Zellie must figure out what forces are against her, even if it means allying with her natural enemy, a phantom.

Jax’s powers calls to Zellie, and the more time they spend together, the more dangerous their magic becomes.

Now she must try to not only free herself of her mother and those rallying against her, but the grasp of Jax too. Except, she may lose her heart in the process. 

Spelled by Truth and Tresses is one of ten books in the Enemies Ever After series, a collection of standalone short novels featuring enemies-to-lovers fairy tale retellings with a touch of steam.

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